C182Q FSX Is there any way in which I can tune the ADF to 0.5kHz steps?

We recreated an aircraft with that feature, so the ADF was developed as it is.


But, you can change it for a default one following these steps:


Go to the aircraft folder and open the panel folder and esit the panel.cfg with the WordPad application from Windows.

Search the followings lines:

gauge00=Cessna182Q0!Vsi,  662,624,130,130
gauge01=Cessna182Q0!Turn,  289,669,140,140
gauge02=Cessna182Q1!Clock,  309,842,100,100
gauge03=Cessna182Q0!Altimetro,  645,445,164,166

After the last one which should be the gauge17, please add this line:

gauge18=Bendix_king_radio!Bendix-King Radio ADF,  984,298,288

Save the file and try it.

You should have the 172 default ADF on the 2D panel.

You have to replace the new panel.cfg in the “Panel”, “Panel.1”, “Panel.1LR” and “Panel.2” folders.
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