Avionics shut down in PA46 Malibu FSX

    Hi, I downloaded the PA46T Malibu, it is a wonderful plane, but about every 90 minutes into a flight all the avionics shut down including the radio and even the landing gear can not be extended for landing, how can I fix this?

    You have to have the GEN ON switch pressed. This switch is located just above the right screen of the G500. It is in the middle of 3 buttons, the yellow one.

    When you hover over it you have to have this message:"Starter Switch (off) Alternator Switch (on)". Left click on it two times. Immediately you have to check GEN AMPS and STBY ALT indicating any number, but not zero. (this indicators are digital ones, just below the GNS430.
    If you get zero from these numbers, there is something wrong and check the switch again.

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