FS2004 / FS9 crashes due to fe.dll problem


I am getting a repeatable crash to desktop (with an fe.dll error) with the some FS2004 aircraft when panning around the VC.



One of our customers found an answer for this one: "The video card I'm using, is one of the first PCI express cards released namely a Nvidia GeForce GT520. I used to change the pre-rendered frames to four(4) for some of my applications. When changing this back to the default setting (3D application setting), the problem was finally solved. Now I can fly all kinds of weather any time of day in the C337 without FS2004 crashing."

So, we would advice to reset the default settings of your graphics card from the card's control panel (Graphics card settings usually have an option called "Manage 3D settings") and restore the default settings.

Credits for finding a solution to this problem go to Chris van Vuuren

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