How to Simulate Emergency Procedures: Engine Failures, Feathering Props B200/B1900/ETC (FSX, PREPAR3D 2.0)

Hello everyone,

I found it interesting that a couple of models did not have built in functionality to feather the props or use Beta (Reverse Thrust) the two I own are the B200 and B1900. Both beautiful and ultra high definition models. After several support requests I was told that the only way to feather the props was to hold Ctr+F2 or to reverse Ctr+F1. This is good if you want to feather both props at the same time, or reverse both engines at the same time. However, if you are practicing single engine procedures or want to taxi with Beta and reversing you're out of luck. With a few Add-ons, your beautiful Carenado planes and a yoke and/or throttle quadrant of your choice you can actually get the Sim to recognize when you want to fully feather a prop or want to use reverse.

What you'll need if you want to set up the yoke/quadrant:

1. Paid copy of the latest FSUIPC ( - Really not expensive, adds great functionality and teaks that you'll need.

2. Good Yoke and Quadrant (The CH products work fine, just look on Amazon or Ebay for cheap ones) 

3. FSX or Prepar3D (Obvious)


1. First you want to make sure you have the latest drivers for your joysticks/quadrant. Next after installing FSUIPC Open up FSX or Prep3d.


2. You'll need to delete the assignments that FSX or Prep3D has defaulted your Prop and Powerlevers to. You should be able to keep mixture controls defaulted if you want, but I just have my whole quadrant defaulted to FSUIPC.


3. Press Alt to bring up the Menu. Go to Add-Ons> FSUIPC. A window should pop up with a lot of complicated looking stuff. It's really not that bad. All you need to be concerned with are Axis Assignments.


Refer to the attachment (Circled steps in red)

1. You will be up on the Axis Assignments Tab

2. Press the Rescan button and then start moving your desired Axis. (In this case PropPitch1, which controls propeller pitch)

3. You want to bypass FSX or Prep3d and send it directly to FSUIPC. This option will be grayed out once you select the axis desired in step 4.

4. Select the desired axis (PropPitch1 in the example).

5. Now we will set the range we want the axis to execute on. You can set up to 10 ranges. Set the Prop Pitch to feather or full back and press "From" then bump it up just a tad and press "To" 

6. Now select the Action we want FSX or Prep3D to execute. (PropPitch1 Decr)

*7. ***Select repeat only for Feathering or Reversing

8. Execute steps 1-7 as desired for each control axis. You may need to tweak the ranges a bit to get the desired effect.


If you have questions/comments I'll keep this KB Post current.








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