FSX: Baron 58 GNS430 "zoom" problem

In FSX, when using the Moving Map view on the external (SHFT-1) GNS430, and following a low-altitude flight plan (YPLC to YFRT) the aircraft's position relative to the ground and flight path changes depending on the "zoom" level selected with the range buttons. For example, when flying near a coast line along my flight path, at 5NM zoom the white aircraft icon is above water and far to the left of my flight path, where at 100nm, the aircraft icon is above land and far to the right of my flight path. Seems like the zoom function is not centering correctly, making it difficult to determine how far off my flight path I am. This does not happen in the VC units. Those "zoom" correctly. But I use the "stand-alone" unit undocked on a second display, and that has this weird error, both when docked or undocked.

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