C185F Hobbs meter

After installing the patches and service pack 1 for my C185F I have found the Hobbs meter now no longer saves and always starts at 999.   ??   It rolls over to all 000's and does accurately track engine time once engine running.  Very strange.  Any solution out there?  Or should I reload my original purchase and forget the service pack/patches?   The Hobbs meter (keeps track of hours for those who are new) works just perfectly on my other Carenado planes and I'm fairly certain it worked ok before the install of patch/service pack.  I was having a problem with the plane crashing/flipping upon key startup which is why I installed the patch/service pack.  They did not solve the crashing/flipping issue.  But I discovered moving the throttle forward a bit before turning key solved that.  

2009 Alienware DuoCore 3.1 ghz processor running Windows Vista HP, 4500+ flight hours on FSX with this system.  

I just love flying my Carenado aircraft, have 3 of them.  Thanks for making such great products!  

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