C340 Gauges Error


The Carenado Cessna340 II FSX HD SERIES download purchased from PCAviator will not work in FSX on WIN 7 Pro.
When insalled in the FSX program and loaded from the aircraft selection page FSX does not like the program lines "C340press2.dll"
and "Radio adf.gau" asks to load without those program lines and indicates an authentication issue.
When the aircraft is loaded and in take off position on the runway the yoke is turned to the full left position as are the ailerons
making th aircraft un flyable. Is there an alternate download site, a .cfg fix, or other remedy to correct the problem?


There is a couple things you could do to see if you can fix this issue.

One is to try to re-install the aircraft with admin privileges.
For the other alternative, you need to delete the file called "fsx.cfg" on the following folder:


Where "YOURUSERNAME" is your User. You will have to enable hidden files from the Windows control panel in order to locate this folder/file.

Then run FSX again and make sure you click "Yes" and "Run" when FSX prompts you while loading the aircraft.

We recommend making a back up of the fsx.cfg file in a different folder in case this doesn't fix your issue. 

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