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Problem parsing VR Config file



  • Tim J Lentz

    I attempted to submit a ticket May 27th on this same issue, However your program would not accept my request. Kept stating that I had to select "Simulator". No drop down to enter that information was provided.

    I am using X-Plane 11. As a result I sent 2 reports to

    Purchased B58 Baron on order #-1167275; SN U8-EY8LZZ-XZELLV-HHV7MR-PKVMKR.

    You have my money, I currently have nothing to show for that expense and there are no refunds for any purchases.

    How do I solve this?

    Tim Lentz

  • Mike Wobrock

    I have this issue every time I load this aircraft. No other issues flying it. I don't have any issues with any other Carenado aircraft. This one is my fave;)

  • Alan Ham

    I also have exactly the same problem as the last two guys.  No refund? No help/ No solution..............why??

  • tom mehegan

    I have the same problem on the Baron 58 and the 690B_Turbo Commander

    Guys you have my money, i just want what I paid for

    Request 11-30-2020


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