Problem parsing VR Config file

If the message

"There was a minor problem parsing the VRCONFIG: Aircraft.../xxx..../.... _vrconfig.txt You may need to update the airplane or report this to the airplane's author"


appears, you need to know this is normal when the aircraft is not properly activated or when the plugin SASL is not loading correctly, the first step to correct this is make sure the plane is activated and once done close the simulator and start again, by doing this the message should dissapear.

If you still are receiving the message, please attach your "log.txt" witht he support ticket.

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    Tim J Lentz

    I attempted to submit a ticket May 27th on this same issue, However your program would not accept my request. Kept stating that I had to select "Simulator". No drop down to enter that information was provided.

    I am using X-Plane 11. As a result I sent 2 reports to

    Purchased B58 Baron on order #-1167275; SN U8-EY8LZZ-XZELLV-HHV7MR-PKVMKR.

    You have my money, I currently have nothing to show for that expense and there are no refunds for any purchases.

    How do I solve this?

    Tim Lentz

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    Mike Wobrock

    I have this issue every time I load this aircraft. No other issues flying it. I don't have any issues with any other Carenado aircraft. This one is my fave;)

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    Alan Ham

    I also have exactly the same problem as the last two guys.  No refund? No help/ No solution..............why??

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    tom mehegan

    I have the same problem on the Baron 58 and the 690B_Turbo Commander

    Guys you have my money, i just want what I paid for

    Request 11-30-2020

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