Engine not Starting in MSFS2020

It seems that MSFS defaults to have a fuel cut-off valve closed - which makes it impossible to start the plane following the checklist. There is no physical switch in the aircraft - so you have to know to hit "ALT+V" to open the valve.

The valve should be set to run by default - if possible. The only way to figure this out is if you've tried the C-172 and are aware of the valve in that aircraft.

It's also confusing - if the fuel is cutoff, you still see fuel flow indicated when priming the engine ( boost + throttle + mixture ) which indicates that there's no problem with the fuel system.

Also, the controls ( if you have a throttle quadrant ) don't always initialize correctly to the physical position of the levers. I frequently see the prop level all the way back, which will cause the engine to stall after a few seconds - even though my prop controls are full forward. ( This is probably more of a Windows / MSFS issue - but maybe you can add it to the checklist, as it will cause people a lot of frustration trying to start the plane )

On the MSFS forums - most people had given up and were just using CTRL+E to start the engine.

I posted this amended checklist to the forums which seemed to help people:

Master - On
Beacon - On
Fuel Selector - Cycle to OFF, then return to BOTH
ALT+V ( fuel cut-off )
Throttle - 1/4" FWD
Prop - Full FWD ( verify in the cockpit )
Mixture - Idle - Cut-off
Boost Pump - On
Mixture - Full Rich ( until fuel press moves - usually 5-7 seconds )
Mixture - Idle - Cut-off
Boost Pump - Off
Magnetos - Start ( click - don’t hold, like you would in the real plane )
Mixture - Advance Smoothly as engine catches
Throttle - Reduce to 1000 RPM
Avionics - On


Thanks to Brent Houston

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